Spanish armada fail essay

They also, sent in fire ships into the Spanish which broke their crescent formation and created panic and confusion. If the Spanish had won then the history of Great Britain would have been very different. Furthermore his crew was compromised of priests and soldiers instead of experienced sailors like the English had.

When we compare the Spanish tactics to that of the experienced English, it is easy to see why the Armada failed. This delayed their journey and had detrimental effect on Spanish morale.

Moreover, the Spanish ships were large and bulky and this made them difficult to maneuver, especially in windy conditions of the English Channel.

He was chosen for his prestige rather than his experience. The smart English tactics also played a large part in their victory.

This man, who spent much of the journey in his cabin being seasick, was pitched against such an experienced, noteworthy sailor as Sir Francis Drake and court favorite Admiral Howard.

The Duke was simply not the right man for the job.

His planning was atrocious, for example, he started the journey with not enough accurate maps and an insufficient amount of food for the crew. Their ships were damaged and to stop at the nearest port, Coruna, to be repaired. Firstly, they had a brilliant and experienced leader in Sir Francis Drake.

Alsothe Spanish were not adept at using their canons and were only able to fire once every few minutes, whereas the more experienced English could fire five times more often. The weather, which was stormy, seemed to be against them. Firstly, the Spanish were dogged with bad luck from the very beginning.

In conclusion, The Spanish Armada failed in its attempt to defeat the English due to a number of factors that I have discussed in my essay, luck, English tactics, Spanish mistakes and even the weather played a part.

Why did the Spanish Armada fail?

This rendered them vulnerable to attack from the smaller, speedy English vessels. The Spanish made a series of mistakes witch lead to their downfall one of their first mistakes was their choice of commander, the Duke of Medina Sidonia.

In my opinion, I believe that in spite of the odds against them the Spanish would have won if they had only attacked when the English ships were in harbor. Aware of the Spanish tactic of hooking in enemy ships, the English kept their distance and used their cannons to their full advantage.

In spite of being a rich and powerful nation Elisabeth managed to defeat the Spanish before they even set foot on English soil.

Unlike the Spanish, the English ships were all crewed by experienced sailors who knew how to operate the cannons to fire a greater amount of balls and also maneuver the smaller and more modern English ships.

Apart of being an amazing tactician, he was much loved by the ordinary sailor and they therefore were prepared to rally behind him even when the going got tough. However, the crucial mistake the Spanish made was not pressing home the advantage they had when the English ships were in harbour when the tide was against them.

Why did they fail?Why did the Spanish Armada fail Dicky Lau (9) 7A In this essay, I am gong to tell you the main three reason on why did the Spanish Armada fail for myself.

The first reason was the English fleet. How did the Spanish Armada fail?

Could the Armada of failed because of bad luck? Were the British ships and sailors better than the Spanish? Or was it just/5(1). Why did the Spanish Armada Fail?

During the 16th century, both Spain and England were among the major colonial powers in the world; they conquered many parts of the world to increase their wealth.

Why Did the Spanish Armada Fail

- Spanish Armada Essay In this essay I am going to look at why the Spanish armada wanted to invade Britain and why they failed to do so, was it down to luck or were the British too smart for the Spanish. The Spanish Armada In this essay I will be writing an essay about the Spanish armada and its failure.

Firstly, the most important reason for the failure of the Spanish armada was the poor planning of the Spanish. Why did the Spanish armada fail? Introduction The Spanish armada started in and finished around a month later.

The Spanish lost dramatically for several reasons.

Spanish armada fail essay
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