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Therefore, when we appear in court which theoretically depends on precision, law, logic and evidenceis it more effective to assert my vague right or their precisely-defined duty? Typically unable to fulfill its duty, the IRS is compelled to discontinue collection procedures against the alleged tax payer.

The right to be free from slavery is a simple corollary of the negative right to liberty, as is the right to be free from involuntary servitude. Since Marx, others have softened his hard-line collectivist position into a "kindler, gentler" theory of positive rights. Because our claim to "God-given, inalienable rights" is tenuous, it should be morally difficult for a Christian to be a plaintiff initiate a lawsuit since the foundation of any lawsuit is a claim of rights.

The recent debate in the United States about government-supplied health care illustrates the conflict between these two views of rights.

All of adult society? Likewise, though I am not a Biblical scholar, I have neither seen nor heard of Biblical passages which grant or describe our "God-given rights.

Although my newfound "insights" are not necessarily correct, they are at least intriguing. That is, a man or child who has rights but no responsibilities is finally a dead-weight on society.

Because the government cannot fulfill its duty, the abatement effectively ends the prosecution. Reprinted with permission from the AntiShysterfrom Volume 5, Number 5.

Marx declared that, "The human essence is the true collectivity of man," meaning we are essentially "species beings," parts of the larger organic body of humanity. Further, if all have sinned, how can we truly claim any "God-given, inalienable rights"? Locke, the major seventeenth-century individual-rights theorist, argued we all possess the "natural" negative rights not to be intruded upon.

For example, by government-granted "right" to welfare creates your government-imposed duty to pay taxes. Since rights are conditional consequences rewards based on personal performance, it appears that contrary to the Declaration of Independence NO "Biblical rights" are both inherent and inalienable.

Again, the Right vs right essays of duties seems more effective than the assertion of rights. If one is forced to make provisions for the health care, social security, or related needs of others, one is forced to serve them, plain and simple. Many of the amendments are simple elaborations for more specialized cases of the basic negative rights everyone possesses by nature.

If my suspicions seem confusing, they are largely derived from this next article. In either case, the correlation between rights and duties is undeniable. But duties absolutely exist, can be readily identified and proven in court, and therefore offer a solid foundation for both plaintiffs and defendants in court.

All you have to do is give government a small percentage of your lifetime earnings. That is, because of the kind of being we are, we require certain social conditions including respect for our negative rights when we form communities.

Just how different such amendments are from those proposed by advocates of positive rights can be appreciated when we consider that all positive rights imply involuntary servitude.

It follows that having more rights than responsibilities may be hazardous to your health. To the extent we believe in a divine "judgement day," we must concede that the Christian faith is based on the principle of personal accountability: However, while my rights are often vague, their duties are usually well-defined.

Whether duties create rights or rights create duties is important, but not the most pragmatic issue. Recognizing that rights flow from duties, perhaps we should begin to learn the correlation between particular rights and particular duties.

Again, the issue is not "my" rights, but "their" duties. Instead, by giving the money to government, you will retire in poverty assuming Social Security even exists when you retire.

If rights are uncertain but duties are clear, perhaps the patriot community should change its courtroom strategy from an assertion of "my" rights to an assertion of "their" duties.

Instead, they argue that -- just as others may be forced to desist from murdering or assaulting us -- they can also be forced to give us whatever they can to help -- including their work, their earnings, and the fruits of their talents. Government and government-preferred special interests.

But government inverts that order by first granting seductively attractive "rights" -- but not bothering to mention the implicit consequence of also assuming unpleasant, government-imposed duties.

Worse, it may even be dangerous to assert my "rights" in a government that sees "rights" not as a reward or consequence, but as a cause for duties; i. The idea that rights are based on duties implies that a person or a nation must first learn and fulfill their Biblical obligations before they can claim, or even hope for, any "rights.

Is there evidence that a legal strategy based on "their" duties rather than "our" rights, works? If the child gets new rights, who do you suppose will receive the new duties taxes?

Rights versus

Look at the abortion clinics to see how many "unaffordable" children 1. While rights are questionable, duties have been comparatively clear since they were first burned into stone on Mt.Left Wing vs.

Right Wing. Diffen › Politics. The fundamental differences between left-wing and right-wing ideologies center around the the rights of individuals vs. the power of the government. Left-wing beliefs are liberal in that they believe society is best served with an expanded role for the government.

People on the right believe that. - The Right Stuff - New Journalism The Right Stuff is a great example of the writing style called "New Journalism". Author Tom Wolfe is widely known as a ground breaker in this type of writing. New Journalism has its foundation in fact but uses techniques from the world of fiction to present the information in a refreshingly realistic way.

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Right Brain: Implications of Learning Foundations of Online Learning Abstract A left-brain dominant person’s attributes are different than that of a right-brained person. People are aware most of the time that certain act is a right thing, but still they stick to their wrong action.

However, they do. Rights versus "Rights" by Tibor R. Machan with commentary by Alfred Adask Forward (by Adask) One of the most troubling contentions in modern America is that people have a "right" to jobs, housing, medical care, even food, and cash welfare.

Right vs right essays
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