Reflective essay police brutality

Internal affair departments are the most responsible for handling the problem of police misconduct. These solutions should be very effective because it filters out many potential problem officers. The first solution to improving internal affairs would be to re-valuate leadership roles.

Essay on Police Brutality

But even in this case the officers came out with only a slap to the hand. Diallo was killed by the police because the officers on duty thought his wallet was a weapon. The solution to problem of police brutality must begin with the officers themselves. Police using excessive force in the United States is a crucial dilemma and must be stopped.

The study found that 13 percent of those surveyed had been victims of police brutality the previous year. Intentionally refusing to read a suspect their Miranda rights and interrogating them can violate this right. The pepper spray is less harmless than Tasers but can sometimes be used more than is necessary.

Minorities appear to be the main targets of this violence as well. However, it did not stop there. Under Sectiona victim can file a lawsuit in federal court for police brutality. When I first really began paying attention to the news around age 16, each death I heard of was like a personal loss and forced me to grieve.

We need these police officers who lay their lives down at every watch for the public, but we need to weed out the bad eggs so that we can pave a safer road for the officers and civilians of the future. Recruiters must be required to check with the same tracking office before any applicant.

Complaints and allegations of any kind of misconduct should be considered when choosing new trainers. Disciplinary actions against officers responsible for excessive force should be firm.

Tamir reminds me of my younger cousin Lucas, who is so full of life and I think about how this could have been him.

When really there are only a few bad eggs giving these other law abiding officers a bad name. The Tasers are the big problem in America. Police misconduct can be described as any inappropriate behavior on the part of any law enforcement officer that is either illegal or immoral or both.

Yet only 30 percent of those who acknowledged such brutality filed formal complaints. Police have been known to detain drivers for driving in certain areas or for driving a specific type of vehicle source.

I believe police brutality is a problem with those who are committing it, and I want to inform the general public who believe that all police are dirty, that not all police commit these crimes, and without the police here we would not be living in such a safe society.Systematic oppression and police brutality are no stranger to the United States of America.

Free Essay: Police Brutality Government policies reflect choices made among conflicting values and many different people, groups, and institutions influence. Police Brutality To serve and protect,” is a common phrase that is used among police officers that defines their primary duty as a cop.

Essay on Police Brutality December 18th, Leave a comment Go to comments Police Brutality is an ongoing problem and existent concern in the United States and should be resolved immediately. Police brutality can take form in false arrests, malicious prosecution, failure of an officer to intervene, and sexual assault.

(“Police misconduct and Civil Rights”) Excessive use of force is the most common and what most people consider police misconduct, this takes form when an officer physically handles a civilian. There has been an increase in cases of police brutality in recent times.

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Reflective essay police brutality
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