Public speaking midterm

Whatever system makes sense and works best for the speaker What is preferable as speaking notes? Situational analysis An examination by the speaker of the time and place of the speech, size of the expected audience, and the speaking occasion? English When speaking to a very diverse audience, it is best to use?

Public speaking midterm form of supporting material is termed? Use reputable, authoritative, unbiased sources for your statistics What Public speaking midterm important guidelines for the use of statistics in a speech?

Adjust your delivery style 3. Problem-solution A speech topic that presents an issue that needs resolving can effectively be organized as?

The internet What resource would you use in order to conduct a Boolean search? Finding logical divisions When you structure your speech topic into main points, based on a reasonable, appropriate progression of ideas, what aspect of organization are you accomplishing? Magnitude The more experts who support your viewpoint and the larger the numbers you cite reflect a principle within selecting the best supporting material known as?

Public Speaking Midterm

The time and place of your speech, the size of your audience, and the occasion A situation audience analysis includes an evaluation of?

Comment on the meaning or the significance of the award to you When you make an acceptance speech, what is important to keep in mind? Concurrent between speaker and audience The sending and receiving of messages during a speech is? They have a list of topics divided into categories, and subcategories When searching for a speech topic, web directories, such as Yahoo, are helpful because?

Accountability This is considered a critical factor in evaluating Web resources- Stacks Libraries collections of books are generally called? Considering your personal experience and knowledge When planning a speech, you should always begin by?

Interviewing Discussing your speech topic with someone who is knowledgeable on the subjects is a method of gathering support material known as? Brainstorming When you make a list of your own interests, and just begin writing as much topics related to these as you can think of without stopping to consider them, you are using a technique known as?

Being audience centered Considering your audience is at the center of the model because the needs, attitudes, beliefs, values and other characteristics of your audience influences the topic you choose and ever step of the speech making process 1.

Informal audience analysis observing your audience and asking questions about them are forms of?

Public Speaking (MIDTERM)

Plan possible presentation aids Once you have found adequate verbal sources as supporting material for a speech, what should you do, according to your text? Yes it will Will the ability to speak with competence and confidence provide empowerment?

Web pages or sites which are automatically linked What is a Public speaking midterm Problem-solution pattern A speech organizational pattern which goes Public speaking midterm step beyond cause and effect to discuss ways to alter, fix, or correct an effect Hypothetical illusions, description, and opinions What 3 things are considered to be soft evidence recency When you save the most important material for llast preview Telling the audience your main ideas before you begin to develop your speech To keep your audience on track with your speech The main reason to use previews, summaries, and signposts is…?

No, it is not Are slang expressions perfectly appropriate for most types of public speaking? What type of special-occasion speech will she give? Is it essential to evaluate Web resources before using them for speech research? This goal for your speech is known as its?

Hold the attention of your audience Explanations should have vivid and specific language in order to capture and…? An audience-centered speaker A speaker who analyses the listener and the occasion and adapts the speech to them is defined by your text as?

Adjust your dress To adapt to the cultural expectations of your audience, you may need to do the following: Audience beliefs and topics Which of these characteristics would be examined as part of a psychological audience analysis?Study 60 Public Speaking Midterm Exam flashcards from Taryn B.

on StudyBlue. 1. Public speaking is more planned than conversation. 2. Public speaking is more formal than conversation. 3. The nonverbal communication of public speakers is also more formal than nonverbal behavior in ordinary conversation.

SPC Midterm Review Chapters to focus on for the midterm: Chapters: 1 - 14 **Please note that this is not an all inclusive guide for the midterm but to be used as a study tool, you are responsible for all material covered in class and in the assigned readings in the course schedule Chapter 1: Intro to Public Speaking Public Speaking %(1).

Public speaking - is the process of speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence, or entertain the listeners. It is closely allied to "presenting", although the latter has more of. Public Speaking Informative Words | 6 Pages. attending a community college and a four year institution.

a. According to, the most up to date source on college related material, the average surcharge for full time, out-of-state students tuition at a public four year institution is $10, per year.

Acquire speaking experience. Turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

Don’t expect perfection>all of the above. a and b only.

Public speaking midterm
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