Product life cycle stage of godrej chotukool essay

Maintain the product, possibly rejuvenating it by adding new features and finding new uses.

Lux life cycle Essay Sample

Creativity can be used by artists, dancers, students and employees. For example, the product may be changed if it is being rejuvenated, or left unchanged if it is being harvested or liquidated.

Lux beauty facial wash, Lux beauty bath and Lux beauty shower were launched in Every facet of life can incorporate the use of creativity. People enjoyed matching their soap with their bathroom colours. In ads they targeted the early adopters, who were readiest to buy the product.

The result was a gentler soap that dissolved more readily and was advertised as suitable for home laundry use Lux is currently a product of Unilever. The marketing mix decisions in the decline phase will depend on the selected strategy. Distribution is selective until consumers show acceptance of the product.

Lux soap was first launched in the UK in as a flaked version of Sunlight soap. With the brands like: Famous Thinkers Bill Gates is one of the most famous and popular thinkers in the world, by his creation of Microsoft.

And how did Dr. Promotion is aimed at a broader audience. The very first advertisement in featured Leela Chitnis as its brand ambassador. Creativity is a term used very frequently nowadays.

Harvest the product — reduce costs and continue to offer it, possibly to a loyal niche segment. Get Access Lux life cycle Essay Sample A new product progresses through a sequence of stages from introduction to growth, maturity, and decline.

Bill gates is also number two richest man in the world, number one in the United States, and number four most powerful man in the world Forbes, Promotion emphasizes product differentiation. The price may be maintained if the product is harvested, or reduced drastically if liquidated.

Creative process Creative process can be defined as a mental process, which involves the invention of new ideas or concepts, or new associations between existing ideas or concepts.

Lux is currently a product of Unilever. Distribution becomes more intensive and incentives may be offered to encourage preference over competing products. Distribution channels are added as demand increases and customers accept the product. The first ambassador, Leela Chitnis. In five colours made up the range: Pricing is maintained as the firm enjoys increasing demand with little competition.

Competition may appear with similar products. Growth Stage In the growth stage, the firm seeks to build brand preference and increase market share. In the early s, Lux responded to the growing trend away from traditional soap bars by launching its own range of shower gels, liquid soaps and moisturising bars.

From the s right through to the s, Lux soap colours and packaging were altered several times to reflect fashion trends. Being a simple, bright and beautiful setup, the environment itself draws the The impact on the marketing mix is as follows: Product quality is maintained and additional features and support services may be added.

Pricing may be lower because of the new competition.

The flake-type soap allowed the manufacturer some leeway from lye because it did not need to be shaped into traditional cake-shaped loaves as other soaps were.

Product branding and quality level is established, and intellectual property protection such as patents and trademarks are obtained. Lux soap was launched inIndia in Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Promotion is aimed at innovators and early adopters.The product life-cycle is also a useful framework for describing the typical evolution of marketing strategy over the stages of product life-cycle. This will help in taking sound marketing decisions at different stages of the product life-cycle.

PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE (PLC) Product life cycle is the sequence of strategies deployed as a product goes through its life cycle. It is necessary to consider how products and markets will change over time and must be managed as it moves through different stages.

Lux life cycle Essay Sample. A new product progresses through a sequence of stages from introduction to growth, maturity, and decline. This sequence is known as the product life cycle and is associated with changes in the marketing situation, thus impacting the marketing strategy and the marketing mix.

Godrej Chotukool Essay Sample

For the product life cycle to begin, the product must be launched in the market. This is done after target market is identified and ensured that the need for your product or service exists. At this stage, sales will be very low because customers are not really aware about the product and its benefits.

Godrej Chotukool Essay Sample. Summary: Godrej penetrating to rural market by identifying the need in the refrigerator and creating the demand. Godrej identified a market in the rural areas for effective and cheaper cooling solutions. They came up with “Chotukool” a disruptive innovation in the refrigerator market.

“The international product life cycle (PLC) theory of trade states that the location of production of certain kinds of products shifts as they go through their life cycles, which consist of four stages—introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.

Product life cycle stage of godrej chotukool essay
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