Philly fans

Because the drunk guy first told Davidson he sucked not atypical behavior, sure and then reported to Davidson that he owned "property on 69th street.

Philadelphia fans set fire, damage property after Super Bowl win

Some thought it was clean, while others thought it warranted the disqualification. Eagles fans storm Philly for Super Bowl win I understand the frustration of the fans. Fans crammed the streets shoulder to shoulder. These 10 instances in which Philly fans were unbearable serve as proof. Nick was selected from the crowd.

People keep breaking out in the Eagles chant. Commentator Keith Olbermann compared the team to the Broad Street Bullies on Twitter, "except, you know, with no appreciable hockey skills. Because we are going out there busting our butts. Way to go, Flyers fans. Nevertheless, the refs tossed the lineman, and on his way off the field, some supporters in green decided to toss a cheesesteak at him, too.

Read More The time an ump had to eject a Phillies fan who was harassing him Umpires are usually responsible for ejecting players, but recently, Bob Davidson had to toss a ticket holder from Citizens Bank Park.

Greased poles in focus as Philly fans flock to streets after Eagles' win

As it turns out, the bands ended up serving as mini projectiles that were thrown onto the ice in the final stages of a Washington victory.

Yep, he scaled the light pole! Has the image of Philadelphia fans been trashed again?

Bad Philly fan behavior explained - to a point

No further commentary needed. Fans also took down several light poles around town, injuring a few people, according to Amir.

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Billy Penn watching over it all. No place like home, huh? Selfies galore, as Eagles fans celebrate their historic win. Philadelphia Police Detective Joseph Murray put the mess into perspective with this tweet: Or are they "cruel and crabbed," as sportswriter Jimmy Cannon wrote in the early s? During a Phillies game ina year-old fan named Matthew Clemmens and his friend were escorted by security out of their seats for unruly behavior.

Still, the incident resurrected the old memes about Philly anger.Vikings fans didn't have the best experience at the Eagles game. Liz Roscher. But there’s also no sense in pretending that kind of behavior is specific to Philadelphia, or to Eagles fans.

Philadelphia fans set fire, damage property after Super Bowl win. 3 Min Read (Reuters) - The Philadelphia Eagles’ first Super Bowl victory set off rowdy celebrations in Philadelphia as people.

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In Super Bowl-happy Philly, party goes on amid reports of scattered vandalism Blogs. Follow all of the thoughts, views and insights from Phillies bloggers at. Philly fans need to go into detox, watch the Eagles choke in the divisional round, and return to being the irascible scum they used to be.

Because that’s a. Greased poles in focus as Philly fans flock to streets after Eagles' win PHILADELPHIA --Thousands of Philadelphia Eagles fans took to the streets to celebrate following their team's win Founded: Sep 18, Feb 04,  · Shortly after the final whistle, Philadelphia Eagles supporters came out en masse to celebrate their team's victory over the New England Patriots and the Eagles's first-ever Super Bowl victory in.

Philly fans
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