Pestle analysis of indian insurance companies

India is served with both 3G and 4G technology which has facilitated several of their technological projects.

There are schemes for married couples and also for the retirement plans of the people. Economic Factors The economy of India has been significantly stable, since the introduction of the industrial reform policies in The majority of population is Hindu but there are Muslims and Sikhs are also in great number.

Therefore, there are structures with percentages according to age. However, when it comes to environmentthe quality of air in India has been adversely affected by industrialization and urbanization, also resulting in health problems.

It is focusing on product development and now introduced fresh cost cutting process. Technological Factors Technology significantly influences product development and also introduces fresh cost-cutting processes. Political Factors Being one of the largest democracies in the world, India runs on a federal form of government.

These activities have suffered the reputation of India and people hesitate to come to India to invest their amounts or visit the country as tourists. They have their own internal union comprising mostly of the agents and the company works for the benefit of the agents.

Legal Factors Indian government has made many legal changes and introduced disability discrimination legislation and has increased the minimum wage. Birthday wishes are also sent.

PESTLE-PESTEL Analysis of India

The company has branches in 75 districts i. Political Factors The political system of the country is strong and different political parties take part in active politics.

However there are different policies for children inorder to pursue their further education after 18 years as well. Therefore it has been able to cover people of different culture and society in the whole country.

The labor market of India and the social development index also show the social factors of the country, which are in deplorable conditions and they need to be addressed.

The government pays attentions on different issues of the country and they are introducing some reforms to make it economically strong and productive.

Other taxes, such as octroi and utilities, are taken care of by local bodies. The new operators are launching their services including IT development, government technology funding, new materials and its processes, software upgrades and speed of technology transfer.

Pollution free industry is the primary necessity for industrial organization. Shailendra Karna and Head of internal Operations Mrs.

The government is making timely decision for investment and business policies for the foreign product manufacturers, executives, investors, and material suppliers. These latest legal changes can affect the costs and demand of the firms and they will boost the production of these companies.

Environmental Factors India has to face different environmental factors and the change in climate or weather can affect the business like tourism, farming and insurance. If a child is insured and unfortunately his parents die then the company also covers the risk of the parents and pays the remaining premium for the child as well.

These issues are serious and they need immediate attention of government and need to be addressed in short time. The Indian government is aware of these pollution problems and they are taking necessary steps to control the air pollution and the growing number of traffic on the roads, which cause noise pollutions.

The country has large population and it is concentrating on its education and IT development and it is growing its business in different sectors. With reference to information provided by Marketing Manager Mr. India has a population of more than 1.

Technological Factors India has made significant advancement in technology and it has prepared new smart phone with latest specification and also did a great deal in IT technology. Refresh India, officially known as the Republic of India, is the seventh largest country by area, and the second most populous in the world with more than 1.

Economical Factors The economic situation of the country is strong and it includes taxation changes, interest rates, inflation, economic growth, and exchange rates. In the political environment, there are various elements like ideologies of different political parties, policies of government, interest of politicians, and they take action on different issues for the betterment of the people.

Social Factors The social factors refer to any changes in trends which would impact a business environment.Indian Insurance Sector. Promoting efficiency in the conduct of insurance business.

Regulating the investment of funds by insurance companies. 5. PEST Analysis Political factors affecting insurance industry Insurance business in rural/ social sector Capital requirement Renewal of registration Requirement as to capital Investment of funds.

A PESTLE analysis for the pharmaceutical industry. It is set at a very general level but it can be used as a template or adapted to be more specific if. Pest Analysis Of Insurance Industry. PEST ANALYSIS A PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) analysis is a major part of the environmental scanning section of strategic management and it is used by companies during market research and strategic analysis.

Strategic Analysis of Indian Life Insurance Industry A MANAGEMENT RESEARCH PROJECT ON INSURANCE INDUSTRY 1 Strategic Analysis of Indian Life Insurance Industry Objectives and scope of the project The insurance industry is one of the basic service industries in Indian economy, whose prospect is reflective of the economic.

INDIAN INSURANCE INDUSTRY ANALYSIS. Uploaded by mansidube The IRDA was incorporated as a statutory body in April.

PESTLE Analysis of India in five Steps

the Oriental Insurance Company Ltd and the United India Insurance Company Ltd. the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) was constituted as an autonomous body to regulate and develop the insurance 5/5(8). Financial Services Industry in India – PEST Framework Analysis.

ID: as well as for insurance and pension products.

This research analyzes the Financial Services Industry in India in a PEST Framework Analysis. A PEST analysis is concerned with the environmental influences on a €

Pestle analysis of indian insurance companies
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