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How does Wilder depict the importance of work to the professionals — law enforcement officer, editor, doctor, teacher — as well as to the farmer, railroad worker, milkman, paper boy, and housewife?.

Why do Emily Our town essay test George, the Gibbses, or the Webbs never use the word love when they discuss themselves and their families?.

Gibbs want to take a vacation? Webb have given Emily about marriage? Why does the playwright stop short of naming what the dead are waiting for?. What information might Mrs.

Webb do for a living? What does George want to do after high school? Gibbs George Gibbs and Mrs. He is a selectman He is the editor of the local newspaper He is a duck hunter He is a surgeon 6.

How do the characters respond to the weather?. Which of the following does not get deposited in the time capsule?

Would it have been as effective or memorable?. Florida New York City Paris 7. The stage is bare except for two benches The stage is bare except for two tables, some chairs, a bench, and two trellises The stage is set up to look like Main Street The stage has two houses painted on the back wall, one for the Webbs and one for the Gibbses 4.

Webb Professor Willard and Mrs.

From what affliction does the choirmaster suffer? Who is the Lady in the Box?

Spending the night with his mistress in a motel room Delivering twin babies At a medical convention in Manchester 5. How would life be different if people could see how it will end for them?.

Professor Willard and Mr.

Our Town Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

What are the reasons for each reference?. How might this play have evolved without the use of a Stage Manager? Gibbs and Constable Warren 8. What is the name of the song the choir sings several times during the play?

Why does the Stage Manager assume a role in some of the scenes and not in others?

Our Town Test | Final Test - Easy

Why is an omniscient narrator more useful in this type of play than a narrator who is limited in knowledge of the future?. What is the nature of the various roles he plays?.Suggested essay topics and project ideas for Our Town. Part of a detailed Lesson Plan by killarney10mile.com Test your knowledge of Our Town with our quizzes and study questions, or go further with essays on the context and background and links to the best resources around the web.

Context Full Book Quiz. English Language Arts, Grade Our Town UNIT: OUR TOWN ANCHOR TEXT. Our Town, Thornton Wilder (Literary) Write a research-based essay that either explains your findings or argues a claim about your findings related to.

Students will draft their essays connecting ideas from Bowling Alone and “The End of Solitude” to the community of Grover’s Corners in Our Town. Created by Louisiana Department of Education Lesson Revise, edit, and finalize your essay. Pre-made tests on Our Town Final Test - Easy, including multiple choice, short answer, short essay, and in-depth essay questions.

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Our town essay test
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