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Our Day Out, by Willy Russell – Review

The scene goes through three moods. That man was right, you act like animals, animals!

Our Day Out - Sample Essay

Kay it gives the audience the impression that Mr. The area in my opinion is made up of an immense mass of unemployment, and is therefore full of old people who cannot afford the luxuries of life and who are entrapped within the pitiful area for the rest of their lives as Liverpool is not recognized for it offering pleasurable well paid jobs especially during this period of time.

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Mrs Kay takes a photo of him with the kids on the back seat, wearing the cowboy hat, with his tie loosened. This again shows how he cares mainly for himself, as he thinks, by being nice to everyone, they will forget about any failings within the trip, so there will be no questions asked about whether he should keep his job.

Although Briggs seems uninterested in the children, this is only true when compared to Mrs Kay. Briggs offers to get the photos developed for Mrs Kay. This seems to work and Briggs realises this, which influences him to continue speaking to Carol in a calmer more friendly tone.

The following quote distinguishes her ambitious side. Prior to the incident on the cliff top, Willy Russell has convinced the audience that Briggs is simply bossy and authoritarian, but standing on the cliff top with Carol Chandler, causes the character of Briggs to try to be more caring and considerate whilst remaining in control.

Russell could be using this symbolic reference to highlight that the children are both a product of and trapped by their social and geographic environment for example when Mrs. As soon as the children leave the shopkeepers to their delight find that most of the sweets on the counter and beyond had flourished, meaning only one thing to them.

Willy Russell’s Our Day Out Essay

Arriving home, there were no sufficient changes to the deputy headmaster. At first when Briggs spots Carol on the cliff edge he is oblivious to what she is up to.

Our Day Out by Willy Russel Essay

Throughout the play Mr Briggs is portrayed as an icy, strict and disciplined teacher, whilst Mrs Kay is made out to be a mother hen, a nice woman that people like. When Carol is talking to Les, the lollipop man, she tells him that they are going on a trip.

Yet here we do not see him as a man, who is not obsessed by strictness and routine order, we see him as a man who sees a child as an equal in someway.

Whilst thinking she is trying to be helpful with the children, it is clear to see how she belittles them.

Moreover in this scene Briggs seems very deceitful and intentionally evil as he knows Mrs Kay is trying to keep the rest of the children away from the situation, by talking in a very hushed manner.

She has a mother and daughter relationship with Mrs Kay, although her correlation with Mr Briggs is very rocky as in his view all the children in the progress class as forever puerile and frivolous children, who have no hope in the world.

An example of dramatic irony is again when the children visit the zoo. Willy Russell has used his imagination a lot for the beach scene. Children now have a better future because as mentioned before they all have an even chance, which means they can have dreams of living somewhere pleasant and actually have it come true through hard work.Our Day out by Willie Russell is an energetic and humorous play, about a school trip to Conwy castle.

The ‘progress class’, a class for illiterate children, are on a trip to Wales where the liberal Mrs Kay and the strict Mr Briggs have completely different ideas about the day should be organised. Our Day Out, by Willy Russell – Review “Our Day Out” is a 20th century drama play.

It is written by Willie Russell and is based around a school trip from Inner city Liverpool to Conway Castle, Wales. The play our day out, by Willy Russell was written during the ’s.

The play is set in Liverpool, which in the ’s was not holding well economically, which had the population on a low morale.

Our Day Out - Sample Essay “Our Day Out” was created by Willy Russell to showcase the problems associated with British education, specifically he focused on under privileged students. The cliff top scene show how the limited teaching style of Mr Briggs, is not the best way to teach students like those of the progress class.

Our Day Out by Willy Russel. Our day out is set in an industrial estate in Liverpool. The novel is based upon Willy Russel’s first hand experience of teaching at Shorefields Comprehensive School where he taught young adults for a year.

Willy Russell’s Our Day Out. In the book ‘Our Day Out’, Willy Russell interests us in the characters of Carol and Briggs by showing us the contrast of personalities and the difference in lifestyle between the two.

Our day out essay willy russell
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