Mitotic index lab report

Under the microscope the imagine would show cells on top of each other like a thick layer making impossible to identify the structure of each individual cell. In this stage in which genetic materials are synthesize. The formation of microtubules kinetochore, aster and polar.

In the same time, the nucleoli were disappeared. Based Mitotic index lab report the data in the Table, what can you infer about the relative length of time an onion root-tip cell spends in each stage of cell division?

Can use many time and last long period. New membranes form around the daughter nuclei while the chromosomes disperse. Ethanoic ethanol is corrosive, so wear eye protection goggles. The addition or removal of one species affects many other species with which it might compete for,or provide food.

Ecosystems have an extremely complex web of cause and effect. Preparation a Cut off cm of the root tips. Make certain that the slide is on a flat surface and squash down on the coverslip with a strong vertical pressure, using your thumb.

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Two daughter cell result, each with its own plasma membrane. This organization helps to ensure that in the next phase, when the chromosomes are separated, each new nucleus will receive one copy of each chromosome. Put in a small volume of ethanoic acid on a watchglass or other shallow dish for 10 minutes.

Can you determine the number of chromosome in any cells? Growth in an organism is controlled by regulating the cell cycle. Scalpel or razor blade What is the function of this solution? In the onion root tips cells, it has the cell wall, so during the telophase, the vesicle derived from the Golgi apparatus which contain carbo-filled vesicle move along the microtubules to the middle of the cells producing the cell plate.

The use of toluidine is to stain nuclei of the cells.

Investigating mitosis in allium root tip squash

If mitosis did not happen in this fashion, who know what may have happened to early cells and organisms? Slide is fresh prepared compared to the commercial ones might have some damages.

This lab is targeted towards PG students with exercises that will allow one to learn visualising proteins in 3D, how to calculate distance among atoms, find active sites in protein structures and also delve into some structural analysis methods including docking and homology modeling.

For each chromosome, the kinetochore of the sister chromatids are attached to the kinetochore microtubules coming from opposite poles.

Pour the boiling mixture over the orcein and stir very thoroughly still in the fume cupboard.While actively growing onions are present in the lab for you to observe, you will be provided with roots Tally the stages of 20 cells mitotic cells.

3. Tally numbers in the table below. Each group member should tally cells from a different slide. Microsoft Word - Onion root The mitotic index in question K was determined to be and taken from the stem.

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Discussion- The results showed that the further away from the root the less the mitotic index is. From this lab we learned about the different. The mitotic index using toluldine blue stain is which suggest that only % of the cells in our view were undergoing mitosis and the rest are still in interphase.

The percentage of cells in each stage is related to the length of time a cell spends in each stage of mitosis. Some practitioners report that cutting the root tips around noon makes a difference to the mitotic index, so you may want your technician to cut and ‘fix’ the tips in ethanoic alcohol rather than ask your students to carry out this step.

The first labs report was inconclusive, however a second lab believes it is Subcutaneous (hypodermal) Hemangiosarcoma! What is interesting and why I am writing is that the mitotic index is And the majority of the biopsy was non cancer cells.

Mitotic index decreases with increasing distance from root tip. That means gradual decrease in cell division as it moves from the zone of cell division to the zone of cell elongation.

The meristematic region in the root tip is the actively growing region and thus the mitotic index is high.

Mitotic index lab report
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