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Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten Luxury brands The concept of luxury is not strictly defined today. In the second one, I remind how luxury brands enter China and who the main Chinese consumers for luxury goods are. Then, they master thesis luxury online shopping finalize their buying in store.

Nevertheless, we should keep in mind that changes happen very quickly in China, those second players might change in the short run. A luxury brand is not able to exist without a brightening and glamorous history which also often defines the ADN and brand values.

Second, there is not a large range of Chinese names and the email is less used than in western countries or it could also be a multiple contacts emailthus, customers are most of the time identified by several data such as: What should be included and how define the scope precisely?

What kind of luxury products would you buy online more easily? If we consider that brands websites are the online equivalent of physical stores, it is interesting to notice that stores online and offline remains very attractive for the young generation.

Then, the young OC generation has also some interesting pre-dispositions to buy luxury online: For a few, luxury buying experience has to remain a high quality buying experience which includes a visit in store.

Today, almost all the brands are already on the market, nevertheless, the huge growth of urbanization forces the brands to actively think on what the next good places would be.

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This question is of course treated in this study. For the customer a brand website is also certainly synonym of luxury experience online more than on B2C channels. But, it is not just about communication, it is more than that, it is about multilateral interactions: The overwhelming use of smartphones is also typical of this new Chinese society.

Launched by Alibaba group in to fight against Ebay entering China, they started to develop C2C business in the first time. Nevertheless, I decided to target this part of the population in my survey because they grow up with digital and they should be more used to buy online than the former generation.

From how long those western luxury brands have been started to sell their products in the Middle kingdom? This question might still be discussed for the western world but as for China, I am convinced there is no reason to hesitate anymore and go online.

As I explained in the last part, Chinese consumers like to express themselves about the products they buy. Below, I sum up most famous social networks in China and the relative targets. Every semester, thousands of students struggle to meet the rigorous requirements set forth by academic institutions.

As I previously explained, Chinese people are smartphone addicts and this phenomenon is even truer for the youngest generation: All studies agree on the fact that the most important thing is to be consistent on the location you choose: Chinese market Understanding which Chinese consumers are the more willing to buy luxury products online is part of my preliminary research.

A luxury brand is also associated with socials codes indicating access to rare, exclusive and desirable. The only difficulty they have to face currently is controlling fake products selling but it remains a tricky issue. However, even for them, Luxury store buying experience remains really attractive and online buying should not replace it but rather complement it.

Selling luxury online in China

In my study, I did not choose to focus on particular luxury goods categories. Most of the time, marketers and retailers used to focus and target only the wealthy consumers but right now in China, it would be unavoidable to take into account this new social class. Developing direct buying in partnership with social networks should be an interesting opportunity for brands.

Discount website for ex: Social networks have to be included in any brand strategy in China whatever the way: The study only focuses on the relevance to sell online and which particular online channels are more appropriate to sell luxury goods.

Today, most of them are still students or even children and they are globally not able to afford luxury products. The One child policy leaded by the government to control population growth also characterized this new Chinese generation.Buy Thesis When it comes to buying a thesis online, Ultius is the only platform that has access to graduate level sample writers in your field of study.

Work with one of our writing professionals for your model thesis today.5/5. Customer Buying Behavior – Online shopping towards electronic product Authors: Dan Wang Liuzi Yang Supervisor: Maria Bengtsson Student Umeå School of Business Spring semester Master thesis, one-year, 15 hp.

Master of Science in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences In order to facilitate online purchase a shopping cart is provided to the user. The system This document will discuss each of the underlying technologies to create and. replace traditional online web-based shopping, their growth and importance do reflect changing consumer behavior.

Purchasing through a mobile phone reflects a movement of it all, this becomes my master thesis! Structure of the thesis Chapter 1 A brief introduction to the thesis and comments on E-commerce. This thesis investigates the online purchasing behaviour of luxury customers as well as the concerns they may have concerning online shopping.

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Master thesis luxury online shopping
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