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Environmental Strategy 2020

The Lufthansa Group actively uses the opportunities offered by digitalisation to add value for its customers and support its quality strategy. The employees of Lufthansa have a diverse background and they are encouraged to think out of the box, voice opinions and broaden their skills.

Aviation Strategy

Remarkably, the increase in RPKs almost equalled that of ASKs will the result that the passenger load factor was down only marginally, from For Lufthansa is expected to report operating profits in the order of Dm1.

Although passenger traffic rose by 1. Last year a joint venture was also established with the Shenzhen Airport Company to operate an air freight terminal at the airport.

And as Lufthansa is planning to increase the size of its workforce through via extra cabin staff and pilots, if there is any slowdown in long—haul growth then the Group may be tempted to switch resources back into short—haul — particularly if larger aircraft are ordered for Lufthansa Regional.

Lufthansa has 15 As on order, which will start arriving at the end of and be used on routes out of the Frankfurt and Munich hubs to North America and the Asia- Pacific region using a three—class —seat layout. Lufthansa is the largest domestic German airline.

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Lufthansa believes that the regulatory authorities have not appreciated the global changes that have taken place. In autumnthe implementation of a new sales strategy initiated by then-incumbent Executive Vice President Thierry Antinori to make the company fit for the digital era led to the abolition of commission payments for travel agencies and led to a revolution in the German travel business with many travel agencies disappearing from the market on the one hand, and the rise of new digital distribution platforms on the other hand.

A separate deal with Verdi, the ground staff union that represents 37, Lufthansa personnel, was agreed in the same month.

By having this range of services Lufthansa aims to reduce its exposure to the cyclicality of the airline business. In addition, its environmental experts across the Group regularly exchange ideas within the in-house environmental forum.

Lufthansa airlines are among the leading airline carriers in the world and offer domestic as well as international flights to its customers in its variety of its carriers.

Lufthansa Marketing Mix

Network Airlines expand premium positioning, increase profitability and reduce costs The network airlines are pursuing a consistent quality strategy in order to make the best use of the high-quality customer potential in their home markets.

The company has tackled labour costs through pay freezes and hiring freezes rather than large scale redundancies. Currently, the Lufthansa Group has firm orders for a total of aircraft, with delivery dates by Lufthansa strategy of May 7, The network airlines are growing largely by replacing older aircraft with more recent models that boast higher seating capacities and greater fuel efficiency, without significantly increasing the total number of aircraft.

Lufthansa adopted a new corporate identity in As at the end of February, of 21 analysts covering Lufthansa Group, all but four recommended Lufthansa strategy or going overweight on the stock.

In February the company ordered twenty-one Boeing s that went into service in It is therefore evident that airports must be expanded to keep up with demand and airspace must be used in an optimal manner. Boeing Bs were later bought to back up the fleet.

Lufthansa traces its history to when Deutsche Luft Hansa A. Lufthansa commenced its operations in Lufthansa is reported to be negotiating with both Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, although the German airline will not comment, and sources suggest both potential acquirers would require a very low price in order to relieve Lufthansa of its investment.

Leading position in aviation services to be secured and profitable growth generated With the aviation services companies, the Lufthansa Group has several global leaders in their respective markets. Now, operating with a very soft currency, it managed to achieve double digit traffic growth last year while German GDP grew by a mere 1.

Nevertheless, the Group is pushing on elsewhere with its strategy of disposing what it considers to be non—core assets. Whereas in the summer of Lufthansa will increase overall capacity by 1. In the long-term, customers will benefit from increased transparency, faster turnarounds, improved quality and more efficiency, allowing them greater flexibility.The concept, as Aviation Strategy understands it, will involve combining or pooling the assets of British Midland (excluding the British Midland commuter division), the SAS assets used on Scandinavian–UK routes and the Lufthansa assets used on.

Marketing Mix of Lufthansa analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Lufthansa marketing strategy.

Group Strategy

The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company. Group Strategy Various activities to strengthen position as a leading aviation group. The Lufthansa Group aims to be the first choice for shareholders, customers, employees and partners in the aviation sector and to continue shaping the global aviation market as a key player in the future.

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Lufthansa’s financial strategy is aimed at securing a freedom of action for the Group in regards to its operations, finances, and strategic performance.

The acquisitions of Lufthansa are managed as largely autonomous companies within the group. Together with Lufthansa, we went on a journey to find a way to a strategy of self-sustaining brand implementation and to master this (and future) transformation.

Group strategy

So, let’s look at the challenges, goals and approach of Lufthansa’s digital brand transformation.

Lufthansa strategy
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