Joint family a boon for growing child

Grandparents and other elders of the house bring with them experience and knowledge.

Indian Family System – Boon for A Child

They might get to see their grandparents only once or twice a year and such a short period that would hardly be good enough to strengthen the emotional bonding. As the child grows and matures, he feels secure and confident in the environment which is made safer by the presence of caring grandparents.

He understands the importance of staying united.

Joint family -- a boon for both mom and child

As with anything and everything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages of joint family systems. I sincerely hope that you take this article positively and highlight a more positive aspect of being a part of a joint family. While eating daily meals together with other family members, your child will grow to appreciate food differently seeing different people eating and enjoying different types of food, rather than eating less while just watching TV and mobile games for company Gaining traditional and cultural knowledge: If a child grows up in a large family, he learns sharing, treating everyone respectfully and caring for others.

In an era when both the parents might be going out for work, the grandparents may offer solid support at home. On the other hand, it could become a great stress-buster for grandparents who love to spend time with their grandchildren as this gives them a chance to bring out the child in them Teaches the child to be united: The Indian Joint Family System For centuries, the joint family system successfully prevailed and parents with their children and grandchildren lived under one roof.

Children tend to show affinity towards the older generation and are often found more receptive to ideas coming from the ever-trusted grandparents. There is a risk of exploitation of the ones who are good natured and compromising Difference in earning capabilities of the family could pave way for arguments and dis-satisfaction Lack of privacy is a major issue that crops up amongst people sharing the same roof Generation gap will always be there — sometimes stubborn attitude of the elders can weaken the family ties There is no single decision maker — so one might feel run down by other on petty issues and things Nevertheless, a wise and sensible leader of the family who can keep discrimination at bay can still run a joint family efficiently.

As a result, our tomorrow may get completely disconnected and unaware of our yesterday. They also learn the rich Indian history and culture through the constant stories that grandparents share Security: However, the very things that we could count on while being part of a joint household in terms of help and support are those we now seek outside, and at considerable expense.

Everyone was treated as equals, and because no one had to travel to far off lands for work and money, the family could easily stay together. So, Grandparents can make great teachers at home by using their rapport and sharing their experiences with their grandchildren.

Living and growing up with different family members offers a wealth of knowledge, security and experience. Even the grandparents might choose to stay detached to avoid the pangs of separation. Yet there is a constant yearning to go back to the old ways and get connected with the cultural roots.

In nuclear families, children usually spend most of their time with mom and dad.- A joint family has many members: grandparents, children, uncles, aunts, parents, etc. - For a growing child, it is better to have more family members in the house.

- He gets /5(21). A joint family system may have its drawbacks but it is surely a boon to the growing child. In a house full of close ones like parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts etc.

a small child gets the opportunity to enjoy and cherish the love and affection of so many around. E.g:We will give you a call shortly, Thank You. Office hours: am to pm IST (7 days a week).

Nov 15,  · A joint family, living in harmony, is undoubtedly a heavenly option for a growing child, especially in our times of stress and struggle for adults.

It is a boon for him/her and there can’t be two opinions on this. Parenting >> blog >> Parenting >> Joint family -- a boon for both mom and child Parenting Joint family -- a boon for both mom and child.

0 to 1 years. Created by Arika Tiwari Living and growing up with different family members offers a wealth of knowledge, security and experience.

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as in a joint family your child will be able to. Find an answer to your question joint family-A Boon to the growing child.

Joint family a boon for growing child
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