How to write a mystery for kids

Your character needs something mysterious to happen so he can solve the puzzle. To see what was written, lightly shade the bottom sheet with a pencil. For example, the note in the bologna sandwich might be a clue about the missing lunchboxes in the classroom closet.

More Mystery Activities To solve a mystery, detectives must think logically. For example, you might have him wear baggy jeans and a logo T-shirt, or have her wear khaki pants and a tank top. Why or why not? Write a History Mystery. My little detectives recommend these three methods: Kids feel like real detectives when they take fingerprints.

You can find mysteries that focus on cooking, gardeninggolfing, librariesand other hobbies. The main character saves someone. Explore the FBI for Kids page. Then, write your own art or music mystery using pictures or sounds.

Create a sheet of tips to help young sleuths solve mysteries. For example your main character might be tall and slim, with short brown hair, green eyes, lots of freckles, and dimpled cheeks. How many can each child notice?

The mystery man

Name something your character feels, such as the breeze coming from the open classroom window, or your hair being pulled by the student behind you.

Dress your character in your favorite clothes. Create a Mystery Stamp. Mysteries have all the elements of fiction that kids love: The easiest way to create a setting is to use a place you know well, such as home or school.

Read on to see how they can read like a detective and write like a detective. Have the main character try to solve the puzzle, get close, then fail a couple of times before he finally finds the correct solution.

Something has been stolen from the classroom. Complete a Mystery Webquest.

Fun Mystery Unit Activities – Let Your Kids Think Like Detectives!

Brush with watercolor paint to discover what was written. Choose some aspect of the case and write a fictional mystery. How well do you know Sherlock Holmes? The main character saves herself and is changed by her courage. Take the Sherlock Holmes Quiz. Would you like to be notified as I post more classroom ideas?

Explore tips for solving mysteries at Detective Tips. Move five objects in the classroom each day. Write a Science Mystery.HOW TO WRITE A MINI-MYSTERY. by Penny Warner. Here's a fun way to teach your students how to improve their writing skills--let them write a mini-mystery!

The Treasures of Mystery Island; Use your keen eye and your puzzle-solving skills to make it back to civilization! Read about the most popular Scholastic kids' books and authors. Get the latest children's fantasy science fiction horror humor realistic and historical books.

Take part in a super fun STEM activity using recyclables and other basic materials in this mystery bag STEM building challenge with free printable STEM challenge cards! Kids will receive a bag of mystery items and then use those materials to complete a design challenge. This activity is perfect to do both in the classroom or at home.

Follow our STEM and STEAM for Kids. Mystery activities = fun!

Mystery Legends™: Sleepy Hollow

Let your kids think like detectives. They’ll love cracking codes, experimenting with invisible ink, fingerprinting, observation games, and more! Mystery Legends™: Sleepy Hollow - Free Downloadable Games and Free Hidden Object Games from

How to write a mystery for kids
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