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Hurlbut did get the manuscript, and afterwards wrote to her that it did not read as herald sun business writer services expected, and it would not be published.

Hurlbut sold the manuscript of the "Manuscript Found" to the Mormons is disposed of by the Doctor himself, who placed it as he says, in the hands of E.

Howe, we are informed, was himself a lawyer, and is presumed to have known, and without a doubt did know, that while the manuscript in question was in his possession, or under his control, or in existence anywhere where it could by legal process be reached, oral testimony in regard to its contents was incompetent, and therefore inadmissible; and the fact that he knowingly introduced incompetent testimony to make out his case, is conclusive proof that he knew that the introduction of the manuscript, the only competent evidence under the circumstances, would, instead of supporting his claim, overthrow it entirely.

Davison in her Boston Recorder letter states, that "it was carefully preserved. Spaulding, all the way from twelve to sixteen years after his death, and this, too, when the manuscript is shown to be in the possession of Mr.

Hurlbut to state that the manuscript of the Spaulding romance was "not to be found," while Mrs. Mesdames Davison and McKinstry both aver that the trunk and manuscripts contained in it, were in the possession of the family, the trunk never out of actual or constructive possession, and the manuscript always except the time referred to, when somewhere about it was presented to your father and Silas Engle for publication, and by them returned to Mrs.

This leaves the question confined to Sidney Rigdon and his possible connection with those manuscripts. In direct reference to this very statement, Parley P. McKinstry states, and as it must have been, because Mrs. One of two conclusions is inevitable, that the "Manuscript Found," the possession of which has been traced, was not the original of the Book of Mormon, or that no manuscript bearing such similarity to the Book of Mormon from which it could have been so plagiarized was ever written; and that the mythical romance referred to, suppressed as it has been, has been made to do mysterious duty by those opposed to and at enmity with Joseph Smith and Mormonism, and who have not the honesty to return the manuscript to Mrs.

McKinstry, who had personal access to the effects of Mr. As to the truth of the statement then made he writes: The widow "with great reluctance" authorized the loan of the manuscript to Hurlbut upon the solicitation of Mr. Howe, of Painesville, Ohio.

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And this plea is a just and good one, both against Mrs. Davison denied signing or sending the letter which you quote from. Spaulding that it "did not read as he expected, and he would not publish it.

McKinstry, or to publish it themselves, that the infamy of their course may be made plain; or the presumption of the plagiarism fully established. The point which you attempt to make on page 14, that it is "adding insult to injury to call on Mr.

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The possession of the manuscript being accounted for until long after the publication of the Book of Mormon, and always in the hands of the antagonists of Mormonism, the opposers of Joseph Smith, the principle of the law of evidence holds good that a party is precluded from proving the contents of a written instrument, unless it is shown that such instrument is lost, or destroyed, or in the hands of the opposite party.Latest breaking news articles, photos, video, blogs, reviews, analysis, opinion and reader comment from New Zealand and around the World - NZ Herald.

Business news and opinions from The Miami Herald newspaper in South Florida. company Loyal Source Government Services will pay $, back pay to 4, workers after the Department of Labor. Jan 06, Herald Sun: Promising shares for the adventurous investor - Small can be bountiful.

The Herald Sun’s Chief Business Writer John Beveridge investigates some of the best strategies to make money on the stock market and profiles Starpharma as having potential, following the results of its Phase III trial for VivaGel as a treatment for BV.

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