Firefox prefs js overwrite a file

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If it is a string, you put it in quotes. This is useful, for example, if you are using a profile that is not in the default location.

Customizing Firefox – Default Preference Files

Renaming the files could be essential, if:: If you have the answer or want to help me figure this out just remember to keep it simple. We had a similar problem and wanted to add the certificates from windows store into firefox. Just add or remove the lines at:: It is one very long line ending in path—make sure that you get all of it: Your answer will be better if you explain the code a little.

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If the page prints incorrectly in another browser also: Add more lines as needed with the following syntax: You can change the name of these two files and remove or add:: To have FF customized and ready to deploy to different departments across campus. The three files whose names begin with "user" are exceptions to this—they are designed to be edited directly.

If you go to the URL bar in your browser and type about: Check to see whether the page prints correctly in another browser such as Internet ExplorerSafariEpiphany.

Why is firefox making harder and harder for us to optimize it for massive deployments across a corporation and a university? The closest I got was here: I accept the risk! Click the Firefox menu at the top of the screen, then click Quit Firefox. Modified December 29, at 3: This is also useful for finding profile folders that are not in the default location.

Import CAs from Windows certificate store:: The ChromEdit extension makes it easy to edit prefs.Hi killarney10mile.com24, if you are thinking of editing the file (or a file), that may not be what you want.

Those changes are intended to provide websites permission to read and modify your clipboard. Jan 02,  · Thunderbird stores any settings you change or create using Tools → Account Settings and Tools → Options in the file in the profile. The recommended way to add or modify a setting which doesn't have its own input box, checkbox or radio button in said dialogs is to use Tools → Options → Advanced → General → Config.

The file that defines to use the file has to be in the same folder as the file. Files in this folder are never affected by an update, so only a clean install would cause this file to get lost.

Aug 07,  · Hi all, I just want to know where (which file, i.e directory) Proxy Settings for Firefox is stored. I have searched the registry but surely it is not there.

How do I change Firefox Proxy settings via command line on windows xp/2k? Thanks.

Prefs.js file

Stack Overflow new. The proxy setting is stored in the user's file in their Firefox profile. The reason I added the rename and delete lines is because I couldn't find a way to overwrite the file once I had removed the proxy line. Sep 07,  · Navigating to the profile folder.

Profile folders are placed in a common location by default but are named randomly for additional security (e.g., "killarney10mile.comt" is the profile folder name for the "default" profile, where xxxxxxxx represents a random strung of characters).

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Firefox prefs js overwrite a file
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