Fighting should not be allowed in hockey essay

But the troubling fact is that no matter who fights, big or small, everyone has an equal chance of getting hurt because you could break your nose, hand, wrist, jaw, get a concussion, or in the most extreme case, hit your head on the ice.

You will always have the emotion of a big goal, and a big hit. Fighting is essential for many reasons including income to the league, maintaining or gaining an energy level for the crowd and team, as well as sending a message to the other team.

Is that a bad thing? Coaches often used enforcers for that specific reason - to go onto the ice and stir the pot, wake up the bench, provide a spark It is part of evolution and since they do not have higher brain function like humans that is their own means of weapon against their natural enemy.

Long-term health ramifications The most obvious reason for banning fighting in hockey is because of the health ramifications. Who knows, but, banning fighting will take out a side to the game that is hard to replicate.

Do you believe that fighters have the freedom to choose whether they fight, or that we should make extraneous rules to protect the fighters? How do you think fighting in hockey should be dealt with?

Fighting Should Not Be Allowed In Hockey Essay Sample

Everyone wants to see a fight because it gives them the adrenaline pumping they can not get themselves because most would not willingly subject themselves to injuries or death but would gladly see others do that because it is not THEM.

Athletes that get multiple concussions may have to deal with chronic headaches, fuzzy vision, nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to noise and balance problems at some point in their careers or lives.

It keeps more skilled players from getting hurt by sticking up for them and keeping agitators from messing with their game. It is not replaceable, and it can change the course of a game in a matter of minutes.

Most of the time, however, these enforcers are not very good at the act of playing hockey themselves. In a game a defense man came run the puck, but what happens when a larger player comes in and blindsides him? Now look at the NHL. Even those against fighting were clamoring for that showdown.

Taking several blows to the head, more often than not, leads to concussions.

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Sitting down for 5 minutes is a pretty large price to pay, so to say the NHL allows fighting would be the wrong thing to do. Also, harsher penalties will ensure that players will think twice about fighting.

Opinion: Should fighting be banned from hockey?

The very vocal Paul Bissonnette took to twitter to defend the topic of whether fighting should be allowed: The rest of the population is simply going with the flow and saying the right things nature intended. On the street or on the ice, hockey has been an evolving sport.

An Essay On Fighting In Hockey

Granted, the NHL is doing the same with headshots and dangerous hits along the boards, but fighting is one way the game can keep the "viciousness" of the sport without necessarily changing the entire way players approach and play the game.

Of course all of this begs the question, since fighting is illegal, how does the NHL go about banning fighting all together?

Weather it was to keep a player safe, or get the crowd into the game; it seems evident that we need fighting in hockey for a vast amount of reasons.

Today, fighting exist also albeit in a more controlled manner in boxing matches and UFCs. It is in essence a development in society today that pretty much emphasis on being powerful and strong and stress the point that the weak will not survive and the strong will dominate.

We reason because we wish to be bigger than nature, to defy nature, and to challenge nature. Take fighting out of the game, and you will see dirty hits sky rocket. Even players in the NHL are agreeing that it is safer on the ice with fighting in the game than it would be if fighting were banned.

Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports advertising While those against fighting will argue that this is the main reason that fighting should be completely abolished from the sport, keep in mind a couple of aspects of this "unique" aspect of the sport.whether fighting should be allowed or banned in the National Hockey League (NHL).

In generalization, most people see that physically fighting someone, fist-to-fist, is a negative conflict. However, in certain sports fighting is the main objective of the sport. Orr says fighting should stay. fighting would stay in hockey.

Orr says fighting should stay

That is not right, and players should not be allowed to have it both ways. While those against fighting will argue that this is the main reason that fighting should be completely abolished from the sport, keep in mind a couple of aspects of this "unique" aspect of the sport.

Bettman called fighting a "thermostat" for the game, and that it "may prevent other injuries." According to author Ross Bernstein, who wrote the book "The Code: The. Opinion: Should fighting be banned from hockey? the question “should fighting be banned in hockey” has once again come to life.

So we decided to look at some of the top reasons why hockey should and should not be banned. How do you think fighting in hockey should be dealt with? Dec 02,  · They are not approved of, nor discouraged. The practice of fighting in hockey is permitted by many of the world's professional men's leagues, including the National Hockey League.

But, it is not allowed in women's hockey at any level. Hockey fights are more of a sideshow than a genuine display of emotion and Resolved.

Fighting should not be allowed in hockey essay
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