Factors affecting stock market prices in

They can often predict whether the market as a whole will go up or down. In summary, the key fundamental factors are: Many industries have their own tailored metrics.

This means the same number of dollars will buy more. During the recent PM elections, people pinned up high hopes with Modi government.

The election of a friendly foreign government can move markets higher. These changes will tend to bring down stock prices. Deflation Falling prices tend to mean lower profits for companies and decreased economic activity. Historically, low inflation has had a strong inverse correlation with valuations low inflation drives high multiples and high inflation drives low multiples.

But, unfortunately, there is no clean equation that tells us exactly how a stock price will behave. The agenda of political parties also affect the direction of stock prices.

Revenue from exports decline, and stock prices of such companies in the home country fall. Investors abandon shares of the loss-making company. Unfortunately, because trends cut both ways and are more obvious in hindsight, knowing that stocks are "trendy" does not help us predict the future.

To learn about present value, see " Understanding the Time Value of Money. For more on this, see " Demographic Trends and the Implications for Investment. As we already explained, it is fundamentally based on the discounted present value of the future earnings stream. On the one hand, a stock that is moving up can gather momentumas "success breeds success" and popularity buoys the stock higher.

Stock markets are always rooting for more economic growth, because it usually means more profits for companies, and more profits tend to grow the value of stocks. They have large amount of funds at their disposal.

Economic Factors That Affect the Stock Market

These forces fall into three categories: Ideally, you need to know relationships between stock prices and other variables. Her expertise is in business, media, intellectual property law and tourism.

If there is optimism among market players, more buying would take place leading to increase in share prices.

For example, free cash flow per share is used as an alternative measure of earnings power. Importing companies, on the hand, are benefitted by hardening of the rupee.

Factors That Affect the Stock Market

Harper Updated August 5, — 8: These are scenarios we might see in trading partners with democracies. Investors perceive as a positive sign. Therefore share prices would be higher.

Many argue that cash-flow based measures are superior. Middle-aged investors, who are peak earners that tend to invest in the stock market Older investors who tend to pull out of the market in order to meet the demands of retirement The hypothesis is that the greater the proportion of middle-aged investors among the investing population, the greater the demand for equities and the higher the valuation multiples.

Therefore more buying would take place and share prices increase. This is known as monetary policy. A coalition outlook accompanies bear runs in stock prices.The level of the earnings base (represented by measures such as EPS, cash flow per share, dividends per share). These factors include, but aren't limited to: economics, politics, natural disasters, man-made disasters and market psychology.

Economics Macro-economic factors such as interest rates, inflation, unemployment and economic growth often move stock markets. Macroeconomic Factors Affecting the Indian Stock Market Ahmed (), by applying Toda and Yamamoto The effect of Macroeconomic Determinants on the Performance of the Indian Stock Market The effect of Macroeconomic Determinants on the Performance of the Indian Stock Market.

1. INTRODUCTION. Have you ever wondered about what factors affect a stock's price? Stock prices are determined in the marketplace, where seller supply meets buyer demand. Some factors that affect stock prices include world news, company news, market sentiment, supply and demand, company earnings, company mergers or takeover and dividends.

Market Sentiment Public sentiment regarding the stock market can cause the market to either go up or down and consequently that can result in the rise or fall of stock prices.

significant factors affecting the stock market prices in Karachi. This suggests that firm specific factors have a significant impact on market price of shares. In the same vein, Das and Pattanayak () examined 30 shares constituting the Bombay Stock .

Factors affecting stock market prices in
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