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Some examples of adjectives with nouns are: Her daughter is five months old. Most adverbs, not all, end in —LY. In Graph A we can see that the price of chocolate rose slightly. How did she walk? We could use decline, decrease, or drop. The graph shows the number of books sold has dropped.

This will help them improve their comprehension of academic texts and also help them write assignments in an academic writing style. Yes, of course there is a HUGE difference.

The phrases cover various aspects of academic writing and are categorised under following sections: Now we need to learn more vocabulary to describe trends. In this graph, the X-axis shows us the time period years, more specifically the years from to The phrases and sentence stubs provided on the site are very generic, so there will not be any copyright or plagiarism implications if you use them directly in your papers.

We do this to give a more accurate description of the trend. They have converted academic word list produced by Dr.

The academic word list was extracted from the Academic Corpus containing approximately 3, running words. We also know considerably is an adverb because it ends in —LY. There is no S at the end of RED because it is an adjective.

IELTS Writing Task 1 – Describing Trends – Vocabulary & Word Order

So, how can we describe the general trend of this graph? We need to add the time period. Was it by a large amount or a small amount?

The difference between and is eight years. There are plenty of academic vocabulary exercises to improve your academic writing skills. It provides phraseological ideas for the main sections of a research paper or dissertation.

Where does each word go? The document had 7 pages. This information appears on the Y-axis. Considerable, slow, and sharp all describe the trend. Eight-year is an adjective, and adjectives never have a singular or plural form.academic vocabulary to be acquired within a short period of time, but also offers a methodical approach to help students overcome potential difficulties of reading and writing within an academic context.

There are plenty of academic vocabulary exercises to improve your academic writing skills. The Academic Word List (AWL) is divided into 10 sublists of word families, and there are exercises for each sublist. Visit our free site designed especially for learners and teachers of Spanish killarney10mile.com».

Academic Word game - Word forms [n/v/adj] high frequency words taken from the Academic Word List and put into grid. In groups of four, students guess the correct form (each word in the grid has an acronym of the word to be guessed).

Academic Writing Resources – Academic PhraseBank | Academic Vocabulary & Word Lists

The objective is to get as many four-in-in row as possible. Browse Academic Word List from analyse to identity in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary at killarney10mile.com The Academic Word List contains words learners of English will meet if they study at a university or college.

Some vocabulary isn't suited to academic writing. For example, while 'gonna' is fine for a text message and 'BRB' is okay for synchronous texting online, you wouldn't use them if you were applying for a job or a scholarship.

Different contexts require different vocabulary. Academic writing requires the use of precise vocabulary.

English vocabulary academic writing
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