An analysis of the traditional view and modern argument on homosexuality

Furthermore they are incapable of remedying the situation Rom. According to this text these capabilities are rebelled against through homosexual acts.

An Analysis of the original View and Current Argument on Homosexuality

The fact that the Bible warns against it, and imposes punishment upon those who engage in the practice Lev And the list goes on.

Yet my heart was too cold for more than empty prayers. The fact is that those who stand for traditional Judeo-Christian values are called to swim against the tide of popular opinion and go against the grain of popular morality rather than do what is convenient or expedient.

Traditional Judeo-Christian Values and Gay Marriage

This view became an exception classic viewpoint of Christians: It is significant that the steps to overcome homosexuality are clearly outlined by the apostle Paul in the verse immediately following the above: The creation account in Genesis provides us with crucial information in relation to these questions.

Furthermore, it is incorrect to say that Jesus is silent on homosexuality. Banner of Truth Trust, ], Homosexuals should not be condemned, despised, or singled out as the embodiment of sexual perversion.

Why in the world should conservative leaders bow down to polls when it comes to determining morality? May the love of God that has changed my life overtake yours too. A naturalistic system has no place for rights. The Bible describes various things as abomination, a word of strong disapproval, meaning literally something detestable and hated by God.

On the whole, the author presents plenty of support for his case. This truth is suppressed and turned to the worship of self or some other created thing. Sexual issues are deep ones because they go to the core of our beings as humans.

The biblical teaching against same-sex sexual intimacy in the rest of the Bible all presupposes the Genesis portrayal of normative marriage and is consistent with that portrayal. He understands monogamous, male-female marriage to be the foundation for Christian communal spirituality.

Like all other morally corrupt tendencies, homosexual orientation or disposition does not excuse the sin of homosexuality. One side took the present day view, increasing new ideas, arguments, and considering the loving, accepting, caring side of God.

On the other hand Romans 1 does specifically point out homosexuality as an example of persistent rebellion against God and as being an example of the judgment of God.

In other words, homosexuals should be affirmed in their same sex relationships, be allowed to "marry" or to form "closed-couple homosexual unions,"[14] and whenever necessary, be permitted to adopt children. That individual may have been born gay, but once converted i. Thus it does not matter whether one is apart from the law or under it.

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Rather the goal will be to express the Biblical and Christian view on homosexuality that these verses teach. He may be tempted to go back to his former ways of homosexuality it is not a sin to be tempted.

In summary, the Bible is not morally neutral on homosexuality. This much can be said:Homosexuality: The Biblical-Christian View. I. Introduction. The Biblical and Christian view of homosexuality is that it is wrong, Dr. Stanton Jones also has a very helpful analysis of the latest in scientific studies in his article entitled “Sexual Orientation and Reason: On the Implications of False Beliefs about Homosexuality.”.

SPEAKING OF HOMOSEXUALITY: A CHRISTIAN RESPONSE TO THE ARGUMENTS traditional view on homosexuality, but derides it as ignorant, intolerant, and dangerous, which poses a The insignificance argument states that most homosexuals.

Now days the traditional view of marriage is being changed by gay and lesbian couples demanding the same right to love, honor and cherish each other. This argumentative essay on gay marriage will explore both sides on the debate of gay and lesbian marriages.

rhetorical essays on gay marriage - Research Database - a dissertation help resource - Dissertations and Rhetorical analysis of Thoreau's argument demonstrates how he achieves this purpose and, therefore, why this essay has been extremely influential in both American and world history.

Modern Marriage - Must it. Traditional Judeo-Christian Values and Gay Marriage AM. Share on Facebook 1; It’s time for a gut check for those of us who hold to traditional, Judeo-Christian values. If we are on the right side of one of the greatest social, moral and spiritual issues of our time, then we need to dig deep, hold our ground, strengthen our.

The “Homosexuality” Debate: Two Streams of Biblical Interpretation.

The “Homosexuality” Debate: Two Streams of Biblical Interpretation

that Jesus did not speak directly to this issue much more likely reflects his acceptance of the traditional view that saw all same-sex sexual intimacy as inherently wrong.

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An analysis of the traditional view and modern argument on homosexuality
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