An analysis of 1421 the year china discovered the world

Our knowledge of past is open to fluctuation — think of the recent discovery of the evidence of Vikings in North America — a solid fact that has been accepted into the folds of history Akerman.

The last of the battered remnants of the great treasure fleets limped home in October after two and a half years at sea.

Not a single document or artifact has been found to support his new claims on the supposed Ming naval expeditions beyond Africa But, as another exasperated reader before me took note of; Menzie once again does not cite any sources.

What if I was a bird? Zheng He returns to China by way of Southeast Asia, delegating the exploration of unknown regions to the other three fleets, commanded by his subordinates.

1421 - the Year China Discovered the World

My fellow reviewers here have also offered some important critiques. He goes on to claim that Chinese sailors shipwrecked on the East Coast of the United States would have been able to communicate with locals, as these would have included Chinese who had walked over the Bering Strait.

Thousands of pages were turned as I tried to decipher my thoughts and theories on my countless uncertainties. More so when it is historical than scientific it seems. Fritze calls the "almost cult-like" manner in which Menzies continues to drum up support for his hypothesis.

Is Gavin Menzies Right or Wrong?

In this version of history, Menzies suggested that not only did a Ming Dynasty fleet travel to America 70 years before Columbus; they colonized there as well. He says two things are almost identical when they are not.

The second, however, is cited to an 19th-century bit of scholarship evidentally done without appropriate field methods. The legacy of Zhu Di, Zheng He and their great treasure fleets would be all but obliterated. Those events are written into books and passed down through people in stories. There were definitely economic benefits from the voyages, as the Chinese imported and exported goods from their destinations.

1421: The Year China Discovered America

This is the naive romantic view of the Orient held by a child flipping through National Geographic. Nevertheless, there is something I should admit.

1421 - The Year China Discovered the World Book Summary and Study Guide

China alone had the necessary firepower to protect friendly countries from invasion and quash insurrections against their rulers. The Year China Discovered the World[ edit ] Writing and research[ edit ] Menzies was inspired to write after a visit to the Forbidden City in BeijingChina with his wife Marcella for their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

The Year China Discovered the World published as Criticism[ edit ] Mainstream Sinologists and professional historians have universally rejected and the alternative history of Chinese exploration described in it as pseudohistory.

But just like a scientific breakthrough, history is all about research and discovery as well. Stephen Powers, a nineteenth-century inspector employed by the government of California to survey the native population, found linguistic evidence of a Chinese-speaking colony in the state.

Ming Dynasty, 16th Century. Scrappy possibilities, such as similarity in artwork, DNA, and artifacts are presented as unquestionable proof of Chinese influence in the Americas.

Gavin Menzies

When China Ruled the Seas: This collision punched a hole in Endurance but did not damage Rorqual. History is usually based on human events that have taken place. Oxford University Online, Quality porcelain and silk were exchanged with various foreign goods such as spices.

What if magic existed? In it Menzies claims that in Chinese delegations reached Italy and brought books and globes that, to a great extent, launched the Renaissance. Inthe next most powerful fleet afloat was that of Venice. Works Cited Ackerman, Marsha. Of course growing up in your typical American education system, all of the glamorized folklore about pilgrims and Indians and the European discovery of America have been drilled into my head from the 1st grade.

The Expanding World, CE to vol. The Ming dynasty culture has so much offer — what if they had come to America? Menzie also tries to draw a connection between the Mohican dogs that inhabit Central America and the shar peis that were prized in Cantonese China, but does not cite any research papers that are currently exploring this possibility Chinese walk across to Alaska and across all North America, but end up speaking Middle Chinese, and yet leave no trace of this dialect on neighbouring Native American languages?

Menzies writes, for example: The biggest Venetian galleys were some feet long and 20 feet wide and carried at best 50 tons of cargo.

The reasoning of is inexorably circular, its evidence spurious, its research derisory, its borrowings unacknowledged, its citations slipshod, and its assertions preposterousRead - the Year China Discovered the World free essay and over 88, other research documents.

- the Year China Discovered the World. Whenever something we have been taught all our lives as being true is challenged, it is always met with some. The Year China Discovered America”. In China was a great imperial power. It was the world’s most populous country, with a large landmass and a scientifically advanced.

“My [Menzies] claims about the Chinese voyages in the ‘missing years’ from to rest on the authenticity of the Kangnido, Piri Reis, Jean Rotz, Cantino, Waldseemuller and Pizzigano charts.” —, the Year China Discovered America The Chinese empire was quite old Even by the 15th century.

Jan 16,  · Analysis on the book The Year China Discovered the World What if? Has there ever been a more simple yet aggravating question? It is a query that has followed me throughout my childhood as I poured over every fantasy and science fiction novel I could get my hands on.

The Year China Discovered the World.

. Gavin Menzies explores the history of China and the ambitious voyages of discovery lead by Jeng He. The book focuses on the proposition of a new theory suggesting that Chinese mercenaries were able to travel as far as the Americas in the s, thus discovering America before Columbus.

quotes & notes from Menzies ' The Year China Discovered America' quotes & notes from The Year China Discovered America by Zhu Di’s policy was to despatch huge armadas every few years throughout the known world, bearing gifts and trade goods; the massive treasure ships carrying a huge array of guns and a travelling .

An analysis of 1421 the year china discovered the world
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