Advantages and disadvantages of the usa patriot act

Conclusion Just like any other issue, the Patriot Act should be analyzed, evaluated and even adjusted to make it more effective and efficient. One of the provisions of the Patriot Act is the opportunity for grandparents to apply for special immigrant status in order to take care of the children orphaned as a result of terrorism.

List of Pros and Cons of The Patriot Act

It increases security measures. With the law, the government gained complete autonomy to investigate any party that is suspected to be involved in terrorism. One of the most controversial provisions of the Patriot Act was Title II, which allowed unprecedented monitoring of semi-public records such as library records.

The access to too much personal information of federal agents and the way they conduct their surveillances are unconstitutional. Surveillance used to be a very awkward process, even for government agencies, but the Patriot Act ha smoothed over many of these rough spots.

The American public felt that we were at risk, and our primary concern was feeling safe. The law allocated precious resources to tracking citizens in the US when government spending was roundly criticized, not to mention that efforts to track citizens moving overseas are also funded.

On June 10, things came to a head at a congressional hearing on whether to renew the Patriot Act. It opened the door for law enforcement to be improved. This means that millions of lives have been saved by this regulation.

The act extends federal crime codes and any forfeiture acquired from terrorist activities Victims and families of those who lost their lives on that sad day have been given financial and housing support as well as other services.

This is good for everybody. Sign up for our Healthy Living Newsletter! Many have also expressed concerns about the sweeping power the government has with this Act. The enhanced funding offered to individual victims of terroristic attacks is also offered to business owners.

As long as it is after securing the welfare of the citizens, then it should be pursued.

Advantages and Disadvantages of The Patriot Act

Also, law enforcers can now request for surveillance from any district unlike before when this was not possible and it was harder for the authorities to act on potential threats without violating protocol. Even those who supported the existence of Guantanamo Bay have been forced to admit that imprisoning those who were suspected terrorists without giving them due process was not what the Patriot Act intended to accomplish.

The courts rules that documents once made public cannot be prevent from publication It ensures quick prevention of attacks. The act not only allocated precious resources to tracking US citizens, during a time when government spending was roundly criticized, but also allowed for the tracking of citizens who moved overseas.

As a result, police and authorities are better equipped to search people, racially profile certain persons that fit to certain stereotypes. The time immediately following the passage of the Act was a scary time to be an American.

As the Patriot Act has made surveillance much easier, it allowed businesses and organizations to have clear division of labor between persons who are capable of investigating terrorist activities. From busting sleeper cells to monitoring immigrations, studying the movements of suspicious people in the country to having greater control of overall security of the nation, the Patriot Act has apparently made America a safer place.

Speed is a major key to any sort of investigation into terrorism, and the Patriot Act allows for much faster inquiries into potentially suspicious activities. It heightens safety for the citizens.

There is no due or just process for these wrongfully imprisoned people, regardless of their guilt or innocence. A lot of Americans feel that terrorist attacks can be prevented without giving the government sweeping authority to investigate personalities whom they suspect to be engaged in terrorist acts.

Part of the Patriot Act includes allowing victims of computer hackers to request for law enforcement assistance to track down hackers. As the means of communication continue to change constantly, there are also more investigations to be made.

Before the Act was signed, this was difficult to do because of restrictions. If investigators uncover any type of planned attack or malfeasance, then they can strike quickly, preventing an imminent threat before it will become full-blown.

From the cops on the street to the federal agents, the surveillance equipments to the weapons available to counter terrorism, everyone in charge of security and everything used for security have become stronger. Lack of Rights for Counsel For a country that prides itself on fair legal processes and calls itself the land of the free, these practices seemed quite unjust.

One can only imagine how many lives have been saved. It can lead to fear and hostility. Lack of Proof in Effectiveness Quite possibly the biggest concern of all for Patriot Act detractors is the ability it gives the government to track the actions of private citizens who have no previous involvement in terrorist related activities.

With the USA Patriot Act, the government came up with a streamlined surveillance system which made it easier for the authorities to intercept and send terrorists to justice. Advantages of Patriot Act Better Protection After the Patriot Act was enacted, it gave the law enforcement important tools needed to combat terrorism.

Some people were unfairly detained and, in many instances, were not even allowed to retain a legal counsel or given a valid reason for being captured. For the government, it can get out of the situation and verify whether what they are monitoring is a true threat before proceeding.Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Usa Patriot Act.

the U.S.A. Patriot title for this bill is an acronym for "the United and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act" (USA Patriot Act).In the years since the passing of the Patriot Act, there has been much controversy and debate regarding the positive and negative advantages.

List of Pros of the Patriot Act. 1. It makes surveillance easier. It is observed that the act has made surveillance much easier, allowing organizations and businesses to have a clear division of labor between individuals who have the ability to investigate terrorist activities. Thirteen years later, there is still a great deal of debate about the Act’s advantages and disadvantages.

Which side would you choose?

8 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Patriot Act

List of Pros of the Patriot Act. 1. Surveillance can be the easiest. This is because the Act removes barriers that could hinder a surveillance or investigation of.

Write a to 1,word paper, identifying three advantages and three disadvantages of the USA PATRIOT Act. State your opinion and provide reasoning. Format your paper according to. List of Pros and Cons of The Patriot Act. OccupyTheory. War criminals who are on United States territory are no longer able to hide behind the freedoms granted to law abiding citizens.

4. Increases Security Measures Advantages and Disadvantages of Collective Bargaining. Advantages of Patriot Act. Better Protection After the Patriot Act was enacted, it gave the law enforcement important tools needed to combat terrorism.

Being able to search people, racially profile people the fit certain stereotypes, and have a much larger scope of surveillance, crime and potential terrorist threats can be much better monitored.

Advantages and disadvantages of the usa patriot act
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